Day Camp EP

by Day Camp

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released January 27, 2014

Josh Biehler - Vocals, Guitar
Patricia Feghali - Vocals, Guitar
Nick Hill - Bass, Vocals, Bells
George Marshall Jenkins IV - Drums, Percussion

Engineered and mixed by Josh Biehler
Mastered by Dave Davis

All music by Day Camp, all songs © 2013 Day Camp
Lyrics on tracks 1, 3, and 5 by Patricia Feghali
Lyrics on tracks 2, 4, 6, and 8 by Josh Biehler
Lyrics on tracks 7 by Patricia Feghali and Josh Biehler

Cover art by Joshua Ryan Buckley
Photography by Katie Smith
Layout and Design by Nick Hill

Special thanks to the Ancestors, Randy Cheek, the Comet, Cowgirl, Margaret Darling, Kirsten Johnson, Brandon Lomax, Bonnie Meyer, Katie Meyer, Bree Moss, MOTR, Colleen O'Connell, Wes Pence, Pike Street Lounge, Shannon Smith, the Southgate House Revival, and to all of our friends and family.



all rights reserved


Day Camp

Hold on to your butts and prepare for the Midwestern velocirockers known as Day Camp from Cincinnati, OH. Day Camp evolved from the primordial ooze of 90’s pop punk and indie rock. After escaping mass extinction through a Barbasol can, Joshua Biehler, Patricia Feghali ,Nick Hill , and George Jenkins , began working on energetic songs with attention to melody that never wear out their welcome. ... more

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Track Name: There's Only Room for One of Us
the sun is going down
and i think you should be getting out
cause there's only room for one of us now
the light is getting low
and i think it's time for you to go
i knew we shouldn't have gotten that tiny apartment
i knew we shouldn't have got two cats and a dog
i knew i knew i shouldn't have trusted you
and i knew we wouldn't last long
Track Name: Sundown in Bartertown
brass rings and marigolds will lead your heart astray
stuff your sorries in a sack we'll throw them all away
sit on your stoop for hours and hours, we'll talk it out
those complaints are so damned useless now

sundown in bartertown tonight
looking for a head that fits me right

play hookie for a year and drink my rent away
when there's nothing left to sell how will we keep the cops at bay?
so tired of starting over every couple years
we'll change our tune after we finish all the beers
Track Name: Five Year Plan
my five year plan is mostly just to be alive and maybe happy
my five year plan is mostly just to be not dead in a ditch somewhere
i think it's great that you're doing great
i hope you have a nice life out there
i think it's great that you're doing great
but i don't care
my five year plan is mostly just to be alive and not a total failure
my five year plan might also include being financially independent
i don't care about your five year plan
don't talk to me about the future
the future and i are not friends
don't talk to me about the future
the future's just another dead end
in my five year plan
Track Name: Seatbelts
it'll all come crashing down anyway - seatbelts
we never find what we're looking for these days

we'll walk on down to the water's edge, dip our toes in
and we'll stay until we can't feel anything and our limbs are frozen

it'll all come crashing down anyway - seatbelts
we never know who our friends are these days

we'll walk on down to the liquor store and throw our bones in
and we'll drink until we can't feel anything and the world is frozen
Track Name: Claustrophobic
it's morning in this town
the river's running brown
and the sky is the same gray that it's been for days
i'm all kinds of claustrophobic
i'm alive but you wouldn't know it
i think if i could just get past the horizon things might be ok
so put me on the back of your motorbike
tell me this is what life is like
baby, i don't care if we drive all night
some ocean, canada, mexico
i don't even want to know
you make the plans
i'll come along for the ride
i know you'll say that i'm running away
when a responsible adult would suck it up and stay
i know you're right but i don't feel up to the fight
and who wants to be a responsible adult anyway
Track Name: Pack Your Bags
I think it was a Monday when I fell out of love with you
it could've been I got bored or found something better to do

either way it felt so right, to sleep all alone hold my pillow tight
instead of waking up next to you

It probably was a Friday when you packed up the moving truck
guess I could've felt worse if me and you weren't out of luck

we split all our records up, you were nice enough to leave me with a coffee cup
and starting over never felt so
Track Name: Threw a Party
sometimes I feel stuck out here
friends move on and disappear
some things can't be solved with a case of beer
another birthday come and gone
one year older more things wrong
you think i'd figure out where i belong
threw a party no one showed up
seasons change and people grow up
whatever happened to us
i expected others to fade away
but i always thought you'd stay
some kind of constant in a sea of disarray
i can see we're at an end
nothing now not even friends
and i won't let you let me down again
Track Name: The Fridge Gets it in the End
Another stupid night, I'm still surprised I can go within five hundred feet of in public
it didn't feel quite right, but weekends rarely do. still we went out to make pretend

we bartered for flesh at the party, got us a good price and then I said,
"I left my wallet with my friend so I wouldn't do something dumb."
an analyst would probably say it's symbolic